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Hyundai HY150HPW-1 2170PSI Hot Pressure Washer, 140 degrees, 2.8kW

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2800w / 2.8kW powerful Hyundai motor: Able to produce a pressure of 2170psi / 150bar

Water temperatures up to 140 degrees: Able to completely remove oil and grease to give you sparkling results

Highly hygienic: Able to reach sterilisation-level temperatures, ensuring a bacteria and algae-free clean

Built-in detergent tank: Deep clean farm machinery, large haulage vehicles, engines, automotive parts and more

Compact and portable: Its wheeled trolley design makes it so easy to move around

10m hose and 5m power cord: Freedom to comfortably clean larger spaces or vehicles

Has range of safety features: Prolongs motor life and increases fuel efficiency

Peace of mind: 1 year Hyundai warranty* (terms apply)


Hyundai 2170psi Hot Pressure Washer

If you’re looking for a pressure washer that is able to cut through stubborn grease, oil and thick grime, the Hyundai HY150HPW-1 Hot Pressure Washer is the perfect solution, able to deep clean commercial and industrial areas.

Powered by a 2800w motor, the HY150HPW-1 is able to produce an impressive pressure of 2170PSI (150bar), which will blast away any dirt and grime quickly to save you time.

Why Choose a Hot Water Pressure Washer?

If you’re cleaning oily or greasy surfaces, engines, automotive parts, lorries or even tractors, you’ll need hot water. Think of greasy or oily pans in your sink - where cold water will only push the grease around and leave a residue, hot water is able to melt the grease and grime and produce a sparkling finish.

Ideal For Deep Cleaning Machinery

Anything that a cold water pressure washer can do, a hot one can do even quicker, saving you time and also providing a deep clean where it is needed, which is especially good for farm machinery such as tractors, or even for creating an incredibly shiny and clean lorry fleet.

The built-in detergent tank makes this hot water pressure washer even easier to create the clean finish you want. It also has adjustable detergent delivery to fine-tune your desired clean, whether you’re cleaning a factory or doing a lorry wash.

Thanks to the vertical boiler which features a high thermal efficiency steel coil, the HY150HPW-1 is able to produce water temperatures of up to 140°c, which will sterilise surfaces and clean them of any germs, bacteria or algae.

Easy To Use Hot Jet Washer

The HY150HPW-1 hot jet wash also has an easy-to-see warning light, as well as an automatic cut-off, to let you know when fuel is low. It also has automatic temperature regulation and pressure gauges so you don’t have to worry about adjusting any dials whilst completing the job.

The smart design of this heated pressure washer also includes a switch that shuts the motor down on release of the trigger to prolong motor life and minimise any additional maintenance. It is also fitted with a burner regulator to improve fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear.

The comfortable handles and sturdy wheeled design mean that you won’t be straining your arms or back having to carry a heavy machine around - simply push it to where it is needed.

Electric Hot Pressure Washer

The 10m high-pressure hose and additional 5m power cord mean you’ll be able to clean large areas such as workshops and factories, or clean around LGV, HGVs and articulated lorries easily and without having to reach for any extension cables.

1 Year Warranty

This hot water jet wash also comes with a 1 year Hyundai warranty* (terms apply), as well as a range of accessories including a high-pressure trigger gun, 10m high-pressure hose, 700mm high-pressure lance and high-pressure professional nozzle.

At A Glance:

  • 2800w / 2.8kW motor 
  • 2170 PSI / 150bar
  • Produces water temperatures of up to 140°c to sterilise surfaces
  • Able to quickly cut through grease, oil and grime
  • Built-in detergent tank
  • Easy-to-wheel trolley design
  • Produces high-quality clean finish
  • Automatic low fuel shut-off 
  • Smart design to prolong motor life and increase fuel efficiency
  • Includes a range of accessories
  • 1 year Hyundai warranty with UK-based parts and service


Built in detergent tank
Draw from barrel
Fuel capacity (l)
Fuel power source
Fully assembled dimensions
940 x 650 x 900 (H x W x L) (mm)
Gross weight (kg)
High pressure nozzle
15° 050
Hose length (m)
Mains supply
Max flow rate
11 L/min
Max pressure (bar)
Max pressure (psi)
Max water temperature
140 °C
Model ean
Motor type
2.8kW 230/240v Electric Single-Phase
Net weight (kg)
Noise at 7m (db)
Packaged dimensions
1100 x 710 x 1130 (H x W x L) (mm)
Power (hp)
Product type
Hot Pressure Washer
3 Axial Cylinder Pump
Speed (rpm)
2800 (motor speed)
Start method
Voltage (v)
Warranty (years)

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