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Wheeled Petrol Field Trimmers

At Accolade Mowers, we offer a splendid range of wheeled petrol field trimmers, designed to tackle tough vegetation and keep your fields and rough terrains neat and tidy. Whether you have large fields, meadows, or overgrown areas, our high-quality wheeled petrol trimmers are the perfect companions for effective and efficient trimming. With their powerful petrol engines and sturdy wheels, you can easily navigate through dense grass and weeds. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to a more productive trimming experience. Explore our selection now and find the perfect wheeled petrol field trimmer to make your land maintenance tasks a breeze.

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Regular price £149.99
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Rated speed (rpm): 9,200
Line diameter (mm): 2.5
Rated power: 1.45KW kW/kVA
Engine size (cc): 52
Start method: Recoil
Clutch type: Centrifugal
Regular price £599.99
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Rated speed (rpm): 2,800
Line diameter (mm): 4
Rated power: 3 kW/kVA
Engine size (cc): 173
Start method: Recoil
Clutch type: Gear Box
Regular price £499.99
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Rated speed (rpm): 3,600
Line diameter (mm): 4
Rated power: 2.9 kW/kVA
Engine size (cc): 160
Start method: Recoil
Clutch type: Belt Clutch

What is a Wheeled Petrol Field Trimmer?

A wheeled petrol field trimmer, also known as a wheeled grass trimmer or wheeled strimmer, is a powerful and versatile grass cutting machine used for maintaining large areas such as fields, gardens, and lawns. Unlike handheld strimmers, this machine features sturdy wheels that make it easier to maneuver across extensive terrains. It operates using a petrol engine, providing the necessary power to tackle dense vegetation and tough grass. Ideal for field work and large-scale garden maintenance, wheeled petrol field trimmers offer efficient and precise cutting, allowing users to achieve a well-kept and tidy appearance in their outdoor spaces with ease.