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Tillers & Rotovators

Revolutionize your gardening experience with our top-notch collection of tillers, rotavators, and cultivators. Whether you need to prepare the soil for planting or want to maintain your garden beds, our high-quality tools will get the job done efficiently. Say goodbye to back-breaking manual labor and hello to effortless gardening. Browse our selection to explore the best options for your gardening needs. Happy cultivating!

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Regular price £89.99
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Rated speed (rpm): 400
Rated power: 1050/1.05 W/kW
Cable length (m): 10
Start method: Electric
Regular price £279.99
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Rated speed (rpm): 3,000
Rated power: 2.7 kW
Engine size (cc): 150
Start method: Recoil
Regular price £129.00
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Rated speed (rpm): 360
Rated power: 1500/1.5 W/kW
Cable length (m): 10
Start method: Electric

What is a Tiller or Rotovator?

Tillers and rotavators are essential garden tools used for soil preparation and cultivation. A tiller, also known as a rototiller or cultivator, is a machine designed to break and turn over the soil, making it ready for planting. They come in various types, including electric and petrol-powered models, to suit different garden sizes and terrains. Electric tillers are more eco-friendly and quieter, suitable for smaller gardens, while petrol tillers offer greater power for larger areas and tougher soil. Rotavators and tillers play a vital role in simplifying gardening tasks, ensuring optimal soil aeration, and creating a favorable environment for successful plant growth.