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Power Sweepers & Weeders

At Accolade Mowers, we offer a wide range of top-quality power sweepers and weeders designed to make your outdoor cleaning and weeding tasks a breeze. Whether you need to clear debris from your driveway, patio, or garden paths, or tackle those stubborn weeds, our powerful and efficient tools will get the job done quickly and easily. Say goodbye to manual sweeping and back-breaking weeding, and say hello to a more enjoyable outdoor experience. Explore our selection now and find the perfect power sweeper or weeder to keep your outdoor spaces looking neat and tidy. Happy gardening!

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Sale price £117.73
Regular price £119.99
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Sale price £137.73
Regular price £139.99
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Regular price £1,099.99
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Engine size (cc): 173
Start method: Electric or Recoil
Regular price £429.99
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Rated speed (rpm): 2,800
Rated power: 3 kW
Engine size (cc): 173
Start method: Recoil
Regular price £149.99
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Cable length (m): 10
Start method: Electric
Cutting positions: 3
Catcher volume (l): 45

What is a Power Sweeper / Weeder?

A power sweeper and weeder, also known as a power broom or power brush, is a versatile outdoor tool used for efficient garden maintenance. It comes in both petrol and electric models. The power sweeper utilises rotating brushes or bristles to sweep away debris, leaves, and dirt from driveways, pathways, and lawns, leaving surfaces clean and tidy. On the other hand, the power weeder is designed to remove weeds and unwanted vegetation from garden beds and pathways, making it easier to maintain a weed-free garden. These machines offer time-saving solutions for keeping outdoor spaces neat and well-groomed with minimal effort.