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Log Splitters & Wood Splitters

At Accolade Mowers, we have a fantastic range of high-quality log wood splitters, perfect for making your firewood preparation a breeze. Whether you're a homeowner, a firewood enthusiast, or a professional in need of efficient tools, our log wood splitters will meet your needs. Say goodbye to manual chopping and welcome a quicker and more effortless wood splitting experience. Explore our selection now and find the perfect log wood splitter to keep you warm and cozy all season long. Happy wood splitting!

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Rated power: 2300 W
Cable length (m): 3
Start method: Electric

What is a Log Splitter or Wood Splitter?

A log splitter, also known as a wood splitter, is a mechanical device designed to split large logs into smaller, more manageable pieces for firewood or other purposes. It operates using various methods, including hydraulic or kinetic energy, to exert force and break apart the logs. Electric log splitters are one of the common types available, using electricity to power the mechanism. They provide a safer and more efficient alternative to manual wood chopping, reducing the physical effort required and increasing productivity. Log splitters are widely used by homeowners, firewood producers, and anyone dealing with large quantities of wood.