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Electric Grass Trimmers

At Accolade Mowers, we offer a splendid range of electric grass trimmers, perfect for keeping your garden edges and lawn in top shape. Whether you need to neaten up the edges or tackle overgrown grass, our high-quality electric trimmers will do the job with ease. With their lightweight design and powerful motors, you can effortlessly maneuver through your garden for precise trimming. Say goodbye to manual trimming and hello to a more convenient and efficient gardening experience. Explore our selection now and find the perfect electric grass trimmer to make your lawn maintenance a breeze.

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Regular price £79.99
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Rated speed (rpm): 8,000
Line diameter (mm): 1.6
Rated power: 500 W
Charging time: 70 min approx.
Motor type: Brushed
Number of batteries: 1
Start method: Battery
Regular price £54.99
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Line diameter (mm): 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5
Rated power: 600 W
Cable length (m): 10
Start method: Electric
Regular price £29.99
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Rated speed (rpm): 12,000
Line diameter (mm): 1 - 1.2
Rated power: 250 W
Cable length (m): 10
Start method: Electric

What is a Electric Grass Trimmer?

An electric grass trimmer, also known as an electric strimmer or grass cutting machine, is a popular garden tool in the UK. It operates using electricity, either through a corded connection to an electrical outlet or cordless with a rechargeable battery. These trimmers are designed to efficiently cut and trim grass in gardens and lawns, providing a neat and well-groomed appearance. The cordless option offers greater mobility and freedom of movement, while the corded option ensures continuous power supply. With their versatility and ease of use, electric grass trimmers are a practical choice for maintaining your lawn and achieving precise and clean cutting results.