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Unveiling the Benefits of Hyundai's Battery-powered Lawnmowers for Spring


Unveiling the Benefits of Hyundai's Battery-powered Lawnmowers for Spring

Discover the latest insights on Hyundai's lineup of battery-powered lawnmowers for Spring with Adrian, a knowledgeable member of the Hyundai Power Products expert team.

Today, let's take a closer look at our battery-powered lawnmowers, and indeed, there's a whole range of these to suit your needs.

Let's discuss the advantages.

Firstly, there are no cables. We aren't restricted by the length of our extension lead on our lawn. We can take it long distances from our property to smaller areas of the lawn.

There's no petrol, no oil, no pollution, which is absolutely brilliant. Being battery-powered also means that these lawnmowers are relatively low noise, so we're not going to annoy those neighbors at nine o'clock mowing the lawn on a Sunday morning.

Another great advantage is that battery lawnmowers are very lightweight, making them easy to transport and move from A to B.

These battery mowers also have minimal setup. We don't have to put engine oil or fuel in them. All you need to do is get the lawnmower out of the box, assemble the handles, and that's it – job done. As long as we have the battery charged, we can pull the lever, and away it goes. It couldn't be easier!

Of course, there's another advantage to our 40V battery-powered lawnmowers – the batteries used in our corded mowers are all the same for our other 40 Volt range of tools. This includes a leaf blower and hedge trimmer. We have Universal multi-fit batteries with a 40 Volt range.

Our petrol mowers boast brilliant Hyundai engines and are far more powerful than battery or corded equivalents. This particular model is a 430mm cut-lawn mower with a self-propelled function, so it drives itself along. Our range starts at 400mm and ends up right at the top with a 560mm Hyundai mower. They come in roller mowers, electric start, non-electric start, self-propelled, non-self-propelled – there's a whole range. Visit our website to see how extensive our Hyundai lawnmower range truly is.

Another advantage, of course, is that you can go absolutely anywhere. You're not tied by a cord, and there's no restriction on the distance you can go or the amount of fuel you can carry in your fuel can with corded lawnmowers.

Now, let's discuss a corded model – this is our HYM3300E mower. I'll talk about the advantages first. All of our corded mowers have powerful Hyundai Motors included, and that's one of the advantages – no petrol, no oil. It's a corded electric lawnmower, so there's no noise, no pollution. We're not going to annoy the neighbors on the weekend because the lack of noise is far less than a petrol lawnmower!

A further advantage – well, of course, they're really lightweight. You can take them anywhere, easily maneuverable – you can roll them around and get around corners. Nowhere near the weight of a petrol mower, so again, minimal setup with these machines, which is great. There's no putting oil in, no putting fuel in, no messing about – no having to learn how to use a primer and all that sort of thing. So, they're really, really easy to use!

Of course, more benefits are – these are backed up by a full UK service and parts supply. Finally, they all come with a three-year warranty. I do hope you found this useful. I've been Adrian from the Hyundai Power Products team at the HQ in Pembrokeshire, West Wales – thanks for watching.